Broken Anchor Seafood LTD.

The Broken Anchor — formerly The Table Café — is a small seafood restaurant in Kelowna with a 100% sustainable seafood policy. Our experienced chef, Ross Derrick, prepares a range of tasty dishes in a fresh and simple manner. Fish and chips are a staple menu item, but our tacos, sandwiches, chowders, and stews are also highly popular. Expect local fish, fresh oysters, scallops, mussels, prawns, and clams regularly appearing on our mouthwatering seafood menu. We also cater to gluten-free customers.

If you’re looking for fresh,100% sustainable seafood places to eat in Kelowna, then give us a try!

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Fish & Chips

This is what we do. We have the perfect amount if you're feeding youself or an army! Choose your favourite fish to go with our amazing fries! Order now!